Gardening has taught HostBooks founder to bounce back and keep growing

Kapil Rana, Founder and Chairman,Ltd., says staying true to his roots helped him realize ambitious goals:

“I am a fitness enthusiast and working out is a part of my daily routine. I started yoga and cycling during the lockdown. It helped me immensely in maintaining my physical and mental well-being in these testing times. It energized me and helped me find solutions to problems by focusing on my strengths. My routine includes running 2-3 days a week along with some other exercises on other days. Recently, to sustain my efforts at keeping myself fit, I bought a new bicycle. It is a joy to ride.”

Green thumb
“My favourite books and TV shows have been a comfort to me in my leisure time as they help keep away negative thoughts. Moreover, I have picked up a few new hobbies as well during this phase. One can often find me off-roading and gardening. As I hail from a village which is 70 km away from Delhi. I like to visit the place and pursue my hobby of gardening. I firmly believe thatmakes one veryand. In inexplicable ways, it teaches one to bounce back and keeping growing.”

Childhood dream
“Stress is a state of mind. And when consumed by it, my manner is in stark contrast with my. My daily routine, family, friends, and my hobbies help me to maintain a calm head. Recently, I watched a video on’s YouTube channel, titled ‘Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.’ It was a talk by Randy Pausch, whose book, ‘The Last Lecture,’ inspired me to realize my childhood dream of owning a ‘Gypsy’ car. I bought it because I think it’s important to reward yourself with small things upon achieving big dreams. On a lighter note, cycling with oldand gossiping with them is abuster for me.”

WFH trim
“After we began working from home during the lockdown, I changed my style of beard and took a new hairstyle. I also bought new clothes and accessories. I view it as a personal investment as it doesn’t matter if you go out or not; what matters to me is the feel-good factor. Altering styles keeps me motivated and makes me more confident to seize the day.”

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For An Environmentally-Happy Life

We’ve enjoyed the cleaner air and quieter stress as one of the silver linings during the lockdown. And with the lockdown being relaxed in some cities, it begs the question – Is there an opportunity to make a shift in our environmental habits for good? Tetra Pak India shares a few simple planet positive habits to adopt during the lock-down that you can carry well into the post-lock-down life:

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