How To Download Videos From Tik Tok?

Here’s another important tip for those who actively shoot in TikTok for themselves and clients.
A lot of tiktokers are faced with the need to download tiktok videos. This may be necessary for several reasons:
Need to send the footage to a customer for approval
Need to keep the original for additional editing in a third-party application
You want to publish it to a third-party resource.
You want to cut your video into segments and use them to edit other videos.
You are preparing educational materials about TickTock
As you know, if the video was filmed in TikTok, you can not download it before publication, and after publication, it can be downloaded, but only with TikTok watermarks. And watermarks always look unaesthetic:
The watermark on downloaded videos is not static – it flashes and moves to the top left and bottom right corner of the video, maximizing the attention of Renat Yanbekov
What to do to get your video without watermarks? There are three working ways, and each has pros and cons.

The principle is very simple! We’ll describe it step by step to make it clearer to you:

Step 1: Copy the link to the video

Step 2: Go to and paste this link into the right-field

Step 3: Choose a quality of video and click the “Download” button

That’s it! Your video will be downloaded in seconds to your device.


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