Quarantunes: GOQii founder Vishal Gondal tunes in to binaural beats to stay calm

When you ask, founder,for his, he responds with two words: binaural beats. “I listen to a lot of, whether it’s while meditating or may be just as background music. I usually listen to it on my headphones. It’s incredibly calming,” he says.

That’s the key. Something to keep anxiety at bay. So what exactly are binaural beats? It’s not some kind of a new music genre. It’s a technique of combining two slightly different sound frequencies to create the perception of a single new frequency tone. “The theory is that when exposed to two different frequencies at the same time, one in each ear, the brain actually perceives a single tone that is the difference between the two separate frequencies. Your brain, in a sense, “tunes” to this new frequency,” says a report.

Proponents ofsuggest that the potential benefits include reduced stress and anxiety, increased focus, concentration, and motivation. It is also considered to aid with your meditation practise.

A good place to start with a binaural beats playlist could be YouTube or music streaming services like Spotify. Go on and give it a go. Get some headphone time in before bed for a good night’s rest.

Remote Working 101: Work-From-Home Tips & Tricks That Will Help Increase Your Productivity


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Work-From-Home Like A Pro

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up the world and has brought about monumental changes in our lifestyle. While the impact of the pandemic has been mostly negative, a silver lining among the dark clouds is the way the pandemic has affected our work culture.

In the wake of the outbreak, several Indian MNCs and companies moved their operations to working remotely. As a large number of employees logged in to their office computers from their homes, their productivity was at an all-time high, which helped restore the faith of the senior management in the work-from-home (WFH) setup.

While most of us by now have become pros at working-from-home, as the popular saying goes, there’s always scope of improvement. We have compiled a comprehensive list of work-from-home tips and tricks that will take your productivity a notch higher and help you work efficiently.

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