Watch out, Disney+! YouTube Kids to launch 100 movies & special shows to keep kids entertained during lockdown

Disney+’s timely debut was a boon for parents holed up at home with their children during the lockdown. But for those tired of watching reruns of old classics,is offering an alternative option to keep their kids engaged whilst at home.

plans to release over 100 movies and special shows as a part of its “After School” experience project. These shows will make their way to YouTube over the next month, till August 31.

According to Don Anderson, Head of Family and Learning Partnerships, YouTube, the company wants to lend a helping hand to parents juggling work and domestic responsibilities at the same time owing to work-from-home arrangements adopted by workplaces in light of the.

With the public health crisis yet to abate in most parts of the world, the children will likely attend virtual classes from home, leading to disruptions in the work routines of their parents. “We want to help you with a library of high quality full-length movies and specials that will enrich as well as entertain your children, and that you can enjoy along with them,” Anderson wrote in a blog post.

The new additions to the YouTube Kids catalogue will include Baby Shark and Pinkfong, Tayo the Little Bus, Masha and the bear, among others. The critically-acclaimed ‘Hair Love,’ which won the Best Animated Short Film at the Oscars, will be available on the platform.

Educational programming like Sesame Street’s Elmo’s World News will also feature, along with new content produced by YouTube. New shows and movies will debut each Monday under the “Shows” category of YouTube Kids over the next one month.

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